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Sunday, August 8, 2010

bliss never seen in trinition

its drizzling when i breakfast in QRRS dorms canteen&heading to office in this weekend. this dawn i had a wonderful dream. i first dreamed of matching in dark. people were put in dark&sex with matches reached in dark house. i trying to find my mate but didn't excite. then dream raising a fish, namely likely Giant salamander, then in an exam to report on the fish. i always hate exam. after exam, i saw a younger fish accompany the fish we raise, the latter then has its gender. then i informed that the fish's tail and meat above shouldn't be eaten as a custom. woke up&reviewing baby's asking not to be God sometimes those days, i was so blessed that baby son, warrenzh, God of Universe, exactly my son, my dearest son. the bliss so great that i got up at once. a drizzle already passed over just amid my dream, after i made water in dawn. the breakfast is plausible, includes a sweat pie. on way to office, it drizzled again, so many loves from Masheng, my Crowned Queen of Japan. 
yesterday i visited baby son in his mom, emakingir's house. ema still in loss in her refusal loan of 400rmb to let me buy family 4th domain, benzrad.ushttp://benzrad.us ). i criticized her in our QQ chat. but my Taiwanese friend help me after rebuffed me once buy the domain exactly yesterday as i suggested in memory of Masheng, who long time urges me to own continents against future world disaster. ema buzzed me twice but both didn't reach me in noisy situation. soon after i arrived there, i told i need her loan, which greatly relief her. she lost 1900rmb and more last weekend when she answered my call on way to River Nen with baby son. that money was offered by me to buy her a e-bike to carry baby son route his kindergarten, for ema complained baby grows that she hardly carry him with her old bike. its all time a bright Saturday, i also showered in public bathroom. baby enjoyed ice cream&candy i bought by the way. i backup stuff from web, tried new games on his notebook. baby glad to see the fresh game experience. near 3pm, i hold him slept on my shoulders. then held him on my arms, till later shifted to bed. his mom urged me to leave, so i returned to dorm, where i ate an early dinner. 
in reviewing the glory of my family, my heart often fulfilled with proud. God, the only missing is my beloved girls, esp the girl on the train when i returning to Qiqihar from my dad's hometown, back to Jun 5,2010, and my girl Zhou, once appeared&hunted after by me till the company startled&stopped me. i know they praying for me, bring us together, God! 


cloudy morning with periodical sunshines.^for no available helping hands for loan for my new domain, i decided trying alipay, a Chinese copy of paypal. waiting the process finished to let me pay overseas. this morning is cool, but periodical sunshine very bright&aspiring. sorted stuff, activated baby's mom, emakingir's 163 mobile email box, retouch her signatures. its the first day the company complies new national common exercise ordain. China steadily falls into trifle&loosing off&losing end. the old time collective exercise helps none but the dead in chamber, kills nothing but time&creativeness. See this Amp at http://amplify.com/u/8e3x 


hopeful a new domain join my titles soon.^read. talked to Taiwanese friend for loan to buy a new domain for my web id. sorted bookmarks to include it&backup. backup family google knol to zoho wiki. sorted stuff before dinner. in dorm prepared confidential for family new member site. its a pale morning. 2 friends rebuff my plan of buy the domain. i had to delay the registry. dozed awhile after lunch, dreamed of losing in exam, which i dislike very much.


dreamed of new domain buy&restless reckons of debt.^read. refined autopost to posterous among family amplify accounts. got "starcraft Ⅱ" finally, amid praying God for pardon me lingering in office for games. played badminton with the couple whose wife worked in neighbor office after dinner. baby didn't talk to me in daily buzz. dreamed of buy one or two domains for my web id, indecisive upon the cost, for my poor financial status hardly supports. join office earlier than 7am. a pale morning like yesterday but still i felt Masheng's love. God, what's the gap between our reuniting?


warned of vilification from familiars.^last afternoon chatted with 2 young folks from Zhudajiu, my hometown. one serving in Chinese Navy. in night God notified me of stab from the back by folks seemingly intimates. dreamed a lot in dawn. sorted os after found its infectious. China surveillance blocked my os auto-update for quite some cases, till i adopt a lan proxy&done. office turns a hell at noon, for all crews stayed, just aim to espionage&challenge me. felt glad with a cleaner os. Masheng, save my work.

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