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Sunday, January 31, 2010

days in non-break march

a puffing hunting day.^since last night turns agile with the idea of a new udisk, replacing the broken one i bought weeks ago. went to computer market at once after got up. bought baby a new mousepad he asked, and some food he likes. then all day with preparing clean os on 3 computers, including 2 notebook and a desktop. tried twice to make a bootable udisk, migrating data. lunch at baby's mom's home. later went to shower in public bathroom near ema's house. dined with pies i bought there. then demonstrated ema the cozy of google products. returned dorm near 9pm. its merely a fruitful day.

a busy day spoiled by damned win7's incompatible.^arranged agenda in last night. in office launched soon after arrival to add static pages to family blogger's blogs which just support the feature. since 9am to 2pm, narrowly gave it a stop. main reason for the lagging, one is China surveillance's blocking let time wasted in Internet response, another is the damned incompatible of win 7 disabled my most available html editor&let static pages' relayouting a pains of work. the traffic worsen in late afternoon, so i left around 4pm&dined with beef pies as usual. when i ready to return dorm, God lets me lingered near the cross road my girl zhou can appear. i listened the Holy, paid 2 eyes on 2 roads my girl can adopt to go home from QRRS HQ. the main road of QRRS again cluelessly, likely my girl really ditch the way. but a tall girl in white short coat appeared when i noticed on the other side of the cross road, which near my girl's home. she previously accompanyed by a male, then she went alone to a Internet cafe named "new millennium", where i haunted a lot back to 2006 when i blog online for my search for her after we met first time and soon she left QRRS at the end of practise term, before i retreated to hometown&re-treated i asylum for burning love and craving for my beloved. so many days passed since she last time let me closer to her in QRRS rush time crowd, i almost forgot her face, and in these days i saw so many female that can mistaken me, but i never so satisfied like by my girl zhou in last direct impression when she was packed by some male QRRSer into a car in rush time, likely dined out, nor by my girl zhou this time in the warm dusk when she departed the male aside her&join cafe alone, she is so bright with her perfect figure and taste of fashion.

a day sees progress.^today finally got my family email box routinely checked&backup accounts. read in the morning. refined family google panoramio's accounts, including vanity urls. help colleague fix shared printer. its originally bright, but dirts needs kill, so most of time in the afternoon its gloomy. i also put on coat in office for the chill of tomb from gays in office. sorted portable till near 6pm then left office&dined out with beef pies, and mutton soup. - daily tweet on Jan 28,2010

a normal busy day.^got up around 7am, went to office near 8am. posted tweet, then read&download most of the day. also check family mail boxes routinely. finished task overdue, ie. added my passed dad's only video in his last year on the earth, shot by my kid brother when he visited our hometown while in vacation from his Guangdong's drifting employee's life, into the link of his photo on sites i setup in memorising him. later tried to logon my qq via its client on a female colleague's pc, for web qq refused my logon for several days. then tried pidgin, an open source instant messenger which said support qq but failed me to access my qq, the monoply Chinese social im, likes all Chinese dotcoms, closely dogged its property by fensed itself from any open connects, and steal user base and data secretly at will. sorted portable&backup some stuff newly got to dvd, finished it after 6pm. the facing dog closely espionaged, stayed there just several minutes ahead me left, while the monitor left about half of an hour after work over. treated myself with beef pies and soup. missing my girl, who didn't apppear in rush crowd of QRRSers at noon again, very much.

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